If we were part of the Confederate or Union armies, there would be plenty to do preparing for the winter months in Missouri, and there’s plenty to do and see this fall for the Civil War Sesquicentennial. We are gearing up for the launch of the official Sesquicentennial in 2011 so take a moment to read about the many reenactments and other learning events that are happening. Listen to the stories of those who lived during the war with the Walk with the Civil War Spirits in Lone Jack. Make sure and leave room on your calendar for the Battle of Westport Ball held on the battlefield at the Battle of Westport Museum.

And be sure to visit our destination map to locate things to do over the coming months in your area of the state.

Thu 4/30/15

Jefferson City

We tend to view the American Civil War as a conflict between two distinct cultures divided by the Ohio River; the South devoted to the protection of slavery as an institution, and the North equally devoted to its abolishment. With its unique geography and political climate, Missouri was affected not only by this division, but also by a division between the well-populated East and the less-populated western frontier region.

Fri 5/1/15

Jefferson City

Spend the day enjoying family-oriented educational activities and entertainment.  Activities include cannon demonstrations, re-enactors, period music and more.  

Location: Bill Quigg Commons, North Jefferson City
See Also: Reunion & Reconciliation Lecture Series

Sat 5/2/15

Jefferson City

Learn more about Missouri’s Civil War history as well as discussion on how the efforts to create national unity and civil rights unfolded in the wake of the Civil War. Registration is now open! To sign up to attend, visit http://shsofmo.org/store/reunion-and-reconciliation-lecture-series.html.